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AGENTS, sign up here to bid on local buyers and sellers requests. 

Signing up is FREE and on a first come, first served basis, you just pay a small referral fee upon successful closing! 


No sign up fee or monthly fee.


This service has no cost or obligation for buyers and sellers.

Agents, there is no cost to sign up on this site, a 15% referral fee will be charged for any and all transactions closed from this site and we will donate 30% of those proceeds to a local homeless shelter or food shelf on behalf of you and the buyer/seller.  Send us your favorite loan officer’s information and we will try to refer potential buyers to them and see if the loan officer would match the donation if the buyer were to use them.


The consumer remains anonymous until they elect to contact you. You agree to charge the consumer no more than you bid. 


For Sellers bid on:

  • The listing fee you would charge and what the split would be

  • The admin fee you would charge

  • Any other fees you may charge

For Buyers…

  • If in one of the 40 states that allow rebates, how much rebate you would agree to credit buyer at closing

  • How much admin fee you charge

  • Any other fee you charge


Bidding will be done via email or text, the first 3 bids, that are from 3 different offices, will be forwarded to the consumer for review.  If you are licensed in one of the 40 states that allow rebates, and you wish to offer a rebate as part of your bidding, we will help you with the rebate process with you and the buyer’s lender of choice and the title company/ closing company.  If you have questions about rebates, please contact us.


Consumers will look at different things to determine which agent they would

like to work with.  A lower listing fee or a rebate where allowed will be important, but so will your location, your experience, etc.  Agents agree to provide the same or better service they would for any of their clients


Once we have enough agents signed up, we can begin marketing to consumers, so sign up today!

Do you work with:
Are you a full service brokerage?

Thanks for submitting!

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