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How It Works

They say you should interview 3 real estate agents when deciding to sell, buy and/or build real estate. 


We help you do that and ask the hard questions like how much do they charge to list your home, how much are their admin fees, do they offer rebates and if so, how much (where allowed)? And more!


These 3 simple steps could save you thousands of dollars on your real estate transaction! 

Easy as 1, 2, 3!



Complete the Form.

You complete a simple form by clicking on the Find Your Agent button below Buyers and/or Sellers. If you are looking to build new construction, click under Buyers. If you are Selling and Buying, please complete a form for each separately. It's possible that the same agent could help you with both, depending on where you are selling and where you are buying/building.

There is no cost or obligation to you.



Save yourself the headaches and the tremendous amount of time that normally is spent on selecting an agent. Finding the right agent for you is an important decision and FindYourAgent can help! 

We contact local real estate agents that work in or near the area you are selling and/or buying/building. 


You remain 100% anonymous.



Review Your Bids!

We will email you the bids as they come in, usually within 24 hours. Local Real Estate agents that bid on your transaction(s) agree to pay Get a Rebate Real Estate a small referral fee upon a successful closing.  There is no cost to the consumer for this service.

Get a Rebate Real Estate is not associated or recommend any of the agents on the site.  It is up to you to research each agent and decide which one you would like to work with.  If Get a Rebate Real Estate is associated with an agent or brokerage on the site, it will be disclosed to all parties.

Agents will bid on:

Upfront Fee, if any (usually $0)

Total Listing Fee

Agent would charge you (5% for example)

Admin Fees

(varies up to $1,000+)

Rebate Commission


Any other fees they may have, if any. (varies)

We are working on getting agents signed up in all 50 states and they work for many different brokerages.  Real Estate is one of those industries where real estate agents cooperate with one another to help reach a common goal, buying and selling real estate.

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Select Your Agent.

We ask the hard questions for you… like commission charged, rebates offered, how much is the admin fee, and more.

The bids will include the type of information to allow you to view the agent’s websites and make an informed decision on which agent is right for you.

Click below to submit your information for local agents to bid on!



We will usually have 3 bids back within 24 hours. 

We will provide the bid results as well as the agent’s website so you can review the agents in more detail.  You can contact the agents directly at this point, or, if you would like to remain anonymous, have us ask the agents any additional questions you may have. 

There is no cost or obligation to you for this service, the agents on the site have agreed to pay a small referral fee to us at the time your transaction closes.

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